The Safou Partnership

NUMberLEARN consists of a suite of maths-based products which integrate multiple strands of human intelligence to detect observable memory gaps and language processing delays.

HarmonicMaths Education is a London-based company with a mission to incorporate neuroscience research into school psychology services, educational programming and government advisory.  

HarmonicMaths Education adopted NUMberLEARN as its preferred mathematics platform to help study and understand the overlapping phases of number knowledge acquisition. 

Why is NUMberLEARN venturing forward with The Safou Partnership? Our desire is to scientifically analyse visual maths language (aural and non-verbal communication).

The Safou Partnership commits to helping individuals eradicate their maths difficulties and to spread enlightenment about how arithmetic works at the neurological roots of the Base10 numbering system.

The Safou Partnership derived its name from a rare evergreen tree that produces an energy dense nutritious fruit. The Safou tree is native to West Africa and is known to boost the immune system, lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Please let The Safou Partnership know how they can be of assistance to you individually or your organisation. You may contact The Safou Partnership at [email protected]